Allison Bakke

Allison Bakke

LPL Financial Advisor

Welcome and thank you for reading about me. I'll keep it short.

For nearly 50 years, my large and oftentimes extended family have joined together for an entire week and have not killed each other. We've had upwards of 40 people living together in the same "house". And that includes my husband, our three kids, their spouses and ten grandkids. My wish is that the tradition of "the Lake" continues even after I'm gone.

I've played golf since I was five, and my Grandpa was really hoping I'd play on the LPGA. The closest I got was a golf scholarship at New Mexico State University.

My first "real" job was at Norwest/Wells Fargo. And after 13 years of working there, my job left me, and I decided to pursue my passion; saving for retirement through financial planning. I'm a saver. My husband is a spender. So, it's a challenge, I get it. But we've made it work, and he is currently enjoying an early retirement. If I can help you enjoy your retirement, my mission will be accomplished.

I hope you will consider joining the Wealth Planning Strategies Group. We know and care for our clients like they are our family.